Privacy policy

I. The Information We Collect

The Respect Poster Tool by the Respect Education Foundation collects and stores as little information as possible, because we deeply respect your privacy.

The only information stored is the user-given input in the form (first name, age, country and answers to several questions regarding the theme of respect). In addition, your IP-address may be stored in a log on our server if there are any suspicions of abuse (i.e. inappropriate photos or offensive language).

We do not store any other personal information, tracking data, cookies or access tokens associated with user-connected platforms (Facebook, Instagram).

II. How We Use the Information

The information filled out in the form is used to compose a poster image, which contains the information in text or adds predefined images that correspond to the answers given. Publishing the poster saves the final image, while destroying all sessions that held previously stored data.

Each process can be determined by the user, destroying all stored information. If a poster is not published within 24 hours after starting a session, the same determination of all uploaded information occurs.

III. Information Sharing and Disclosure

Each poster published is accessible with a unique url. The latest posters are also publicly shown at No information is shared with any third parties whatsoever.

Deleting a published poster from our servers can be done by contacting the webmaster using the contact information provided below.

IV. Contact information

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1016 DR Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
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